Dear Sir or Madam,

This page is dedicated to keeping you updated about the development in terms of corona virus in our company. We as a company take the spread of the virus very seriously and we are closely keeping an eye on its development. The safety and health of our customers, suppliers, business partners and employees are our highest priority.

To ensure this, we have taken the following steps:

  • We are educating our employees about the coronavirus and protective measures internally.
  • Business trips abroad are cancelled until further notice.
  • Employees, who have stayed in affected regions (according to the German Robert Koch Institute), may not initially come to the company.
  • Moreover, we have stepped up the hygiene measures in our company.

We are continuously checking our supply chain and our production is under constant surveillance. Due to the unpredictability of the spread of the virus internationally, as well as nationally, it is not possible for us to make long-term statements about the development. Even though we are not experiencing any adverse effects at the moment or see any signs of this, we have increased our stock levels in order to be able to continue to supply to you, our customers, even in the event of a crisis.

In the event of a disturbance of production or the supply chain, we will make every effort to communicate with our customers in a timely manner. Additionally, we are in close coordination with our logistic companies, so that they also stick to the recommended protective measures of the Robert Koch Institute.

Further information on Coronavirus: